Saturday, October 31, 2009


When it comes to building a chicken coop you don't have to be a carpenter or an expert, but you do need to consider certain factors. Getting it right takes planning and finding the right design. Once you've found the right design, stick with it. The end result is tremendously satisfying and rewarding. The chicken coop looks good, your chickens are safe and you get fresh eggs everyday!

Chicken coops have to be built in such a way that they protect the chickens from the natural elements, as well as, prowling predators. That's why when it comes to building a chicken coop, the location is an important factor. It needs to be constructed facing the sun, on a high and well drained area, so it can dry up quickly after rains. Proper ventilation is another crucial factor. You might like to install sliding doors and windows that can be opened to ensure proper ventilation when the weather gets hot. But, make sure that the doors you install open towards the inside, not outside and don't forget to secure all doors and windows of the chicken coop.

As for keeping predators at bay, after you've finished building your chicken coop, surround it with chicken wire that's around 1 foot deep. You can also cement the floor and use two cinder blocks for the beginnings of the wall, in order to protect your chickens from snakes and creatures that dig underground. It's important to keep ease of cleaning in mind when building a chicken coop, that way you can clean it often. Keep this in mind while selecting your design. You see, diseases can be disastrous for chickens housed in coops. Another way out is to keep the floor slightly sloped towards the main door, so water will drain out automatically.

Before building a chicken coop you need to ensure that the chickens are kept warm in winter and at night by insulating the walls properly. You might like to consider getting an electrical lightning system that can double up as a heat and light source. These factors are critical since you don't want to end up building a chicken coop that doesn't serve the purpose of keeping your chickens well protected and nicely housed. There's nothing more heartbreaking than losing baby chicks or mother hens due to a lack of precaution or bad planning. So, do take care. It all comes down to choosing the right design...
Here are some of the best chicken coop designs:

How To Build A Chicken Coop


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